Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday 25th April:-Protecting the new wooden planters

This morning Peter Jones & I met at Margaret's Garden. This is a pocket-size park that Rothwell in Bloom have created at the junction of Oulton Lane, Marsh Street, & Gillett Lane. To the left and the right are eating places, a fish & chip shop and a sandwich shop.

We have placed 2 garden benches in a semi-circular shape, with a bricked raised circular planter. In front and adjacent to the road is a large bed filled with perennial flowers & shrubs and dotted with large blocks of local sandstone.

 In the brick circular bed we have placed a large rock which makes it easier to plant flowers in the bed-not so far to reach across! One of the cafes, "Megabites" in the background.

Last year we had some trees, called Robinia Frisia around the area, behind the seats, but they died, (see above dead trees) in common with many throughout the country, so we removed them (one of our lady members just pushed it over!) and replaced them with 3 wooden planters, in which we have placed flowers and shrubs. The planters are set in grass, so we always have grass growing  close to the planter that will always be a problem.  Here is the larger planter, set in grass, with grass close to the edges.

So this morning we cut a channel around the large planter using a straight edge and half-moon cutter. Then dug out the soil, and added a membrane, then Cheshire Pink Gravel. I bought 6 bags of gravel thinking that it would do all 3 planters, but it didn't do one of them completely. It will need two more bags at least. Only 2 more planters to go!

Whilst I was finishing this off Peter cut an edge around a square-shaped bed containing our one remaining tree that hasn't died, and then planted some grass seed.

Maybe we should ask the Allotment Association for advice as regards planting fruit species for Rothwell; surely they will know the varieties and fruits that grow best here!

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