Thursday, 17 April 2014

Thursday 17th April 2014

Thursday 17th April: We all met at Marsh Street, Car Park this morning to work on what we call Jo’s bed. Jo, a former member of the group, left Rothwell a couple of years ago. Not long after she joined she was asked to produce a planting plan for this bed, which she did, but the then management decided against her plan. We have continued to add to this bed, but it’s mainly covered with a plastic membrane through which is supposed to stop weeds growing, but grass and weeds grow in the membrane itself making it very unsightly. This morning, in a small area near a path we started to remove a section of membrane with the aim to did over the compacted soil underneath and grow new plants and sow sunflower seeds.

After working for an hour or so we held a short meeting in a local hall during which we discussed a number of topics. Decisions made to plant trees in Margaret’s Garden, put a sterile area around the new planters, sell plants at the May Day Carnival, plants donated by local residents. It was also decided to make contact with the Cook family on with intention of visiting them in the summer judging. Bloomers will also take part in a working day with Rothwell Country Park, plant trees at Margaret's Garden,  put new shrubs in the library and prune the dog woods as per ideas by our judges. We then organised our working programme for the next 6 weeks based on the route for the summer judging.
Parks help us out again

After the meeting, we broke up, and John visited the Parks who showed him how to work the petrol pump which he can use to water the planters at Church St & Gillett Bridge.He is to give them a copy of a booklet so they can see the route for the judges in the summer.

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