Monday, 19 May 2014

Another week of working in Rothwell, a busy Thursday as usual!

On Monday, 12th May,  I received an E-mail from Richard Gill, the Florals officer who organises the Britain in Bloom competition in Yorkshire. Our judges wished to visit us on Monday 30th June, which was somewhat confusing as on the 7th May, a similar E-mail asked us to choose a date from several, and we had asked for either 9th or 10th July! Anyway we have asked for the afternoon of the 30th, which would suit our visit to Rothwell Haigh Primary School-we await the decision!

Tuesday 13th May: Rothwell Garden Centre, who built us some new wooden planters and then planted up some plants in them presented the bill, which we will pay in due course.

I have scanned the bill and present two pages here because they itemise the names of the plants in each planter.

Thursday 14th May:
Such a lot of work this morning! At 0830, Peter Lovatt from Woodlesford in Bloom arrived at John & Frances’s house to show us how to use the “rucksack weed sprayer”, plus dilution amounts for weed-killer he rang “Round Up”, 20mls per litre of water. John filled up 10 litres of water, so 200mls of spray.

In Rothwell, John sprayed weed-killer along the route we are taking the judges in the summer time-it was a calm sunny morning, with no rain threat for 6 hours ahead, so perfect for weed spraying, the weed-killer will take 3 weeks to do its work, not immediately as in the adverts!
The spray route went along Marsh Street, across the car park, spraying broad-leaved weeds, such as grass, dandelions of various sizes etc. The area behind the HSBC bank was sprayed, then between it & a chemist,  Commercial Street, around the bus shelter & seating areas & beneath and around the planters there, then  between the Selections &  Co-op travel. 

Then back in the car park, John planted some sunflowers seeds around a lamp post and a silver birch tree, hoping they will grow some 2 metres high!

The rest of the group were at Rothwell Library, digging, weeding, and planting! 

In the spring our judges had suggested we plant Photina shrubs in place of some laurel shrubs which had died. So Molly did just that, planting some varieties as displayed below.

Then in the bigger library bed, some Hebe shrubs were added:

The judges had also advised that we prune the Cornus shrubs, that produce such lovely red stems in winter, by cutting them down low at ground level. So John had a go and did just that with a pruning saw.
Meanwhile, Peter Jones was weeding the edge of of the entrance of Marsh Street Car park, the side closest Leeds College. Chick weed had grown once more, smothering everything. John then helped him and planted some Summer Snow from another of car park beds along the edge, which we hope will grow and smother the weeds!
So that was Thursday, just hope aren't working on Friday too!

Now it's Monday, the 19th, and still no more news about our judging date & time. The problem we have is that on judging day we are reliant on so many people being available to us; our own small band of volunteers, all 8 of us, many of whom have family who lives away from Rothwell. Then there are the people who run Rothwell Country park which we intend visiting on judging day, a couple of volunteers who work in a cemetery tending their own garden, a couple of people who have a lovely garden, both of whom work, to say nothing of the Leeds Council workers, the parks people, litter personnel-the sooner we know the date and time the better it is for all of us!

So that's another week gone by, and we start another soon.

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