Friday, 9 May 2014

We make a difference in Rothwell!

In the centre of Rothwell, off Marsh Street, there is a free car park! Yes free, no payment is asked for at all, now that's unusual isn't?

In 2010, Rothwell in Bloom took over most of this car park because the local authority, Leeds CC Car Parks Department wouldn't spend any money on looking after the flower beds that lie between the various car park bays. The reason, why because it's free, so no income, no expenditure. Simple!

So this is the state of one of these car park beds where we are not working.

In 2010 when we did start working on the car park entrance beds, all we did was to spray the weeds with weed killer, but they would grow back again, so we would spray them again. Below is a entrance bed complete with dried up, sprayed weeds.

But contrast that today in the same car park entrance bed where we have started to grow flowers & shrubs, plant bulbs, and today, I saw delphiniums growing in the car park bed.

The bed the other side of the entrance close to the Working Mens' club has flowers in it, lots of chickweed still and the bulbs have now had it, but it certainly looks much better than with a load of dried up sprayed weeds. Rothwell in Bloom makes a difference.

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