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Weekly Report Monday 16 June to Monday 23 June

This morning we all met in various places in Rothwell to do a morning's work. Mary started in Margaret's Garden weeding and planting the large perennial bed there, then she moved to be with the others at the library garden. Molly, armed with the newly arrived Lobelia plants from LCC Parks department at Red Hall nurseries, set about going around all our planters and planting these plants.

 Frances & I started working at Royds Court where we worked last week, watering the petal planters.

Fortunately the recent rain and cooler weather meant that the planters were still wet and the reservoirs in the planters quite full of water. However this still meant that watering cans had to be filled with water from a sink inside Royds Court & then carried outside to water the planters as the usual hosepipe wasn't available.Let's hope the weather remains changeable & cool and we don't get any really hot weather. After working at Royds Court, Frances joined the others at the library garden, whilst I worked with Peter Jones near Gillett Bridge, beside the River Dolphin.  Himalayan Basalm is growing thickly, so we both set to work to remove it; yes Peter has started working but is lost in the jungle of heavy growth!

Gradually we removed the plants using a fork to loosen them, then piling them up to rot down for removal. The pile of plants is to the right of the photograph below.

Having completed this task, we watered the planters on the bridge using watering cans filled with river water-here they are beside the stream.
Peter carefully fills up one of the planters using the holes in the side. The recent rain had filtered down into the reservoir beneath the planter so only a couple of can loads were necessary.

After working beside the river, I joined the others at the library, where they were working there tidying all the beds up, the alpine garden, the bed beside the wall, and the two large beds. Here Mary & Rosalind are seen through the foliage of the hollyhock!
As the spring & early summer plants die off, the lupins are rapidly going to seed, the large poppies too, quite a few spaces are showing, so new plants are needed to fill them.

 I was chatting with Mary about some of the planting schemes we had both seen at places like Harlow Carr, the RHS garden near Harrogate, but we both decided that unlike the professionals, we have no formal floral training, and although we have in the past consulted the professionals at Red Hall, headquarters of Leeds Parks Department when deciding on what to grow in the flower beds in Marsh Street Car Park, sometimes it's just fun to go and buy what we like, so that's what some members are going to in the next few days before meeting up again on Thursday back at the library garden. Perhaps by then we may have some definite dates for summer judging. Still the judges can at least see what we are doing by consulting this blog!

We have a date for summer judging-Tuesday 15th July, don't know if it is morning or afternoon yet, so will tell group on Thursday when we meet up in Rothwell Library again. The date came through on Tuesday  morning, 17th June so we will see what everyone feels about it. Not sure at the moment who will be available for that date as it was never a date we had been asked for in the past. The judging period is from 30th June to 19th July, not long for all the groups involved.

Thursday 17th June, we all met at the library again, some of us with plants we had bought from garden centres. We had some plants given by a resident in Rothwell-he grows them in his greenhouse from cuttings, Yellow Loosestrife, Fuschias and  Michaelmas Daisies. Before we started work I told the group about the news about judging, and discovered that only 3 people would be available both to prepare Rothwell for judging & to accompany the judges on their tour around our town. It was a tall order, and it wasn't long before the three available declined to be involved, and we all supported them in that decision. We were all bitterly disappointed with the result, something that I later conveyed to the judges and all parties involved in the in bloom competition. It's not only our efforts this summer that wont be recognised, but those of the Rothwell Country Park, a garden in Rothwell, our football team players & parents, a couple of ladies who have created a garden at Rothwell graveyard, our parks department and Rothwell Haigh Primary School, where we show the judges the efforts of school children & staff. 

The hollyhocks are in flower now

After this short meeting we all set to work in the garden at the library
I planted a couple of lavender bushes close a Rosemary bush that I cut back on Monday
This was the name of this plant Lavender Melissa Lilac
Meanwhile, Rosalind was working on the Alpine garden weeding & filling it with some new plants, whilst chatting to a member of the public.

 These are the  labels of the plants she put in the garden.

Meanwhile others were working hard on the other beds at the library garden & planting these flowers
And a fuschia, not a hardy variety, so it will more than likely only last this year.
All the new plants were watered in using our water point nearby, and later, after a break, we watered the all the gardens by this way. Towards the end of the morning Peter Jones walked to Margaret's Garden and carried  out some work around the trees planting the Yellow Loosestrife & daisies in the Marsh Street Car Park Garden. The Bowles Mauve plants, planted in February of this year are really doing well now in the Joseph Priestley Garden on Marsh Street.
So no working on Monday as we had planned before judging was cancelled, the next bit of work will be at Church St Car Park & Rothwell Methodist Church Garden on Butcher Lane, both gardens planted earlier this year with Rothwell Juniors.

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