Monday, 30 June 2014

Weekly Report Monday 23rd June to Monday 30th June

Monday morning was sunny again and quite warm too when Frances dropped me at Gillett Bridge so I could tidy away the Himalayan Basalm which Peter Jones & I had pulled out of the river banks. Whilst I was there I saw Martin from Rothwell Parks watering our planters which are mounted on lamp posts around this junction.
The planters this year are very colourful, all petunias in various colours. They then moved onto water another planter on Gillett Lane, using the back of the lorry and a store of water to do so.
I continued to work at Gillett Bridge, admiring some of the plants growing there, this is a meadowsweet with a white flower, which we planted last summer, growing amongst the cow parsley with a thistle behind it.
At the side of the bridge is Yellow Loosestrife
Stephen Callaly had been finishing off the street furniture at Margaret's Garden & Duncan's Memorial Garden at Gillett Bridge by outlining the date on the seats and bins with gold paint. This is a bin & seat at Margaret's Garden

Now at Duncan's garden
On Thursday, 26th June we all met at Church St Car Park where we worked on these planters which are on the curve of a roundabout, at the junction of Church Street, Butcher Lane & Park Lane with Holy Trinity Church in the background
This garden was first planted in April 2009, consisting of low growing shrubs, that enjoy sunshine. There are four trees, a kind of hornbeam, that look like a lollipop, with no foliage on the trunk, only at the top. A combination of these trees & the low-growing shrubs were placed here so that the drivers of vehicles exiting the car park can see oncoming traffic.
Looking in the other direction is the goods entrance of Morrisons supermarket, the large green area is a type of cistus.
Seen below are some shrubs called Potentilla, a yellow flowering variety called "Elizabeth", a Cistus Corbariensis is in the background
This is better seen in this photograph.
There is also a plant called Spiraea Japonica Alpina, 
And below is a Senecio Greyii, a member of the daisy family apparently, but isn't very good at surviving really bad frosts. To the right of it is another Potentilla, this one is called "Abbotswood"

We also have this lovely reddish coloured shrub which at present I can't identify, so if anyone know what it is please let me know.
At break time we discussed the programme for the next few weeks, thinking about the Scarecrow Festival & Rothwell Carnival, at which we will have a stall. Also discussed was the watering at Royds Court, & it was decided to invest in a trolley on which we can carry a water container, and  use it to water the planters. It can also be used to carry compost & composted bark bags. 
After a bit more work, some of us went onto the Rothwell Methodist Church, where we found that Margaret was there weeding the beds, so we helped her out. The sunflower plants put into the ground  on the 27th May near the nursery had grown, and there was even a flower on one of them.
Even the Cosmos planted in the pouring rain had taken well.
We are going to have plant some more shrubs into this bed but will do it next week along with some summer bedding as well. The ground was quite dry on the surface, but damp underneath, but we could do with some rain.
Well we got the rain, loads of it, for 3 days altogether, so all the watering problems have gone away for a few days now. 
Just for a change, now that judging for this year has been cancelled we don't need to work on Monday.
Next week we will be working on Thursday only. Well that's the idea anyway.

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