Monday, 16 June 2014

Weekly report, Monday 9th June to Monday 16th June 2014

Monday 9th June:

A cloudy morning at first, but warm at least, a threat of rain at sometime today. We met at Royd's Court, Rothwell, a series of flats for the retired, owned by Leeds CC. At the front, overlooking Marsh Street, Rothwell In Bloom has two Petal Planters-this is a brand name by Amberol a company from Alfreton in Derbyshire. A few years ago, Rothwell in Bloom purchased and erected these planters, and now twice every year we plant them up with summer bedding in June & then spring bedding in October. Each planter has a reservoir in its base, so in dry weather, plants can draw their water supply from this reservoir so reducing the need for constant watering.

So we met and started to dig over & prepare the soil for the planting of begonias.
This was the planting scheme:-
Later that morning the newly planted plants received a good soaking from a thunderstorm!

Soon all the planters were planted, and we left the area to go to Margaret's Garden for our coffee break, sitting on our newly painted seats.
Next some of us planted the planter near the traffic lights at the junction of Marsh Street with Oulton Lane & Gillett Lane.
I went to Marsh Street Car Park, to a bed we call Jo's bed, one of our former members called Jo who left us to go to live in another part of West Yorkshire, she devised the planting plan in this large car park bed.
I weeded part of this bed, being joined by Mary, then added some of the begonias left over from the planting the Petal Planters, then added some composted bark to reduce further weeding. By now the thunderstorm had really got going, but who cares, it was only rain!

Others planted some more bedding plants, asters & surfinias in the brick circular bed at Margaret's Garden.
As you can see that by 1230pm the rain it was pouring.

Tuesday 10th, was a pleasant day, warm & sunny, so I went to Marsh Street Car Park, to the entrance bed nearest the Rothwell Centre. There I started to weed the edge of the bed closest to where cars park. 
Having weeded the bed, I spread a bag of composted bark, and then went to a Wood End Nurseries in Great Preston, where I bought some shrubs to plant in this section of the car park & along another edge to join Marsh Street..

Having weeded both beds & planted shrubs along the edges, I felt I had done a good days work.

However, then I went to Margaret's Garden, and in the brick circular bed planted 5 Penstermon plants.
Just as I finished there was short heavy shower of rain, so all the new plants received a good soaking.
Yesterday, on Monday morning I forgot to mention that during that morning Kevin & Martin employed by Leeds CC Parks at Springhead Park erected our planters in various areas of Rothwell, along with the hanging pots that Leeds CC pays for in Rothwell Town centre under the Leeds In Bloom logo.

Rothwell in Bloom pays for 10 single planters to be erected in Rothwell on walls and buildings in the town & then 12 double planters along Gillett Lane & around Gillett Bridge.

Two planters are outside Rothwell Youth Club, paid for by them-yes they look like older youths, but today Aldi Ltd were having a public consultation meeting in the youth club.
Other planters paid for by Rothwell in Bloom are in the following places:-
Reeds Rains building wall:
On the Cottage Garden
On the front & sides of Blackburn Hall

Along Gillett Lane, on lamp standards, double planters.
On Gillett Bridge, 3 doubles on lamp posts
All these planters apart from those on the Youth Club are paid for by Rothwell in Bloom, not by anyone else.
Leeds CC does pay for hanging pots like these.
Thursday 12th June: This morning we worked in Marsh Street Car Park on all three beds that we maintain there. In the entrance bed I was working on on Tuesday, we continued to pull & dig out the weeds, adding mulch and further shrubs. This morning we had a new recruit working with us, just a temporary, Pete, who will be soon moving to Chicago, USA.
Other photographs show us all hard at work weeding and later planting some shrubs, Coenothus & Cistus, that we hope will spread their foliage over the edge of this long bed smothering the weeds.
After a mid-morning break, work continued on the the other beds, both weeding & planting flowers-Begonias this time.
Our new recruit joined us in the fun!

Planted Begonias
In the afternoon I went around the car park watering in the new plants & shrubs. The sunflowers seeds planted in April along the edge of this border are really growing quite well.

On Friday, Mary Fleet sent me our entry in the July edition of the Rothwell Record,  which is another way in which we publicise our existence to Rothwell & the surrounding area.

This is the article:-

Rothwell in Bloom
 The town has shown tremendous improvement since Rothwell in Bloom was reformed in 2001 and the team receive regular compliments on their work from passersby.  The group have a regular BLOG,,   in which secretary John Readman reports on work that has been carried out and on plans for the future, together with before and after photographs. These appear to show that Rothwell has constant sunshine.  The seats at Margaret’s Garden next to the Blackburn Hall have recently been painted and plans for new trees to replace the three which died in the very hard winter two years ago are in hand.  New members would be welcome and don’t have to be expert gardeners as everyone is learning on the job.  The group meets every Thursday morning and, leading up to the spring and summer judging, work Mondays as well if possible.  Work starts at 9.30 am and there is always a welcome break for coffee or tea with excellent biscuits.  Have a word with members at their stall during the Carnival.
 Gardening in July depends very much on the weather – hot with frequent heavy rain or dry when the earth is like iron with shrivelled grass.  Let’s hope we all have a perfect summer.

On Monday morning we will be working at the library garden, though before that Frances & I will be watering the planters at Royds Court, filling up the reservoirs on the petal planters. Then with Peter Jones I am going to start pulling out the Himalayan Basalm that is beginning to spring into action &will smother anything in its path as it grows thickly beside the River Dolphin.

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