Thursday, 25 September 2014

Weekly Report-Monday 15 to 22 September 2014

We had our AGM on Thursday morning, followed by a meeting,  instead of our usual working party. All the officers were re-elected, so yours truly is still the secretary, with my wife Frances as chairman and Betty Lovatt as our treasurer.

Frances wrote:

Looking at the review of the year's work, and all the information on John's Blog , you realise just how much work , time and effort we have put into Rothwell during the last year.  I think our most amazing achievement is the transformation of the 2 beds at the entrance of Marsh Street Car Park. From a weed strewn area which was extremely uninviting both to look at and to work in, it has been transformed out of all recognition, and at times looks positively blooming! The way we have added so many plants many which have been given to us: logs and bark has made such a difference and hopefully it improves the entrance for people coming to Rothwell.

We also took over part of the Methodist Church Car Park and with the help of the Rothwell Junior Football team, bulbs were planted and Shrubs added. Our relationship is really good now with Helen acting as a contact and rallies other adults and all the boys to attend our shared sessions in return for us sponsoring some of their kit, encouraging them to give a little back into society in exchange, and perhaps learning that more mature adults can be fun. On our side, it is good to work with the younger generation and perhaps pass on a little experience to them!

Other than that, we have used perennials as much as we can in different areas and will continue to do so, we have employed Green Thumb to treat and look after our grass in Margaret's Garden, and we thank Stuart Beaumont for extra cutting during the summer months. I hope we can continue to keep Rothwell looking attractive for everyone while working together with the other agencies we have built up a good relationship with, especially the Parks Department who are always there for us with advice and labour. Here is to a stress free year!

I stated:  John mentioned that his review of the years activities will continue as will his blog ,and voiced the unsatisfactory state of affairs re 2014 Summer Judging especially after we had made the position clear to the Judges when they came to Rothwell in the Spring. The group voted unanimously to have a break from the pressure of judging in 2015 and will review the situation at the next AGM.

In the awards ceremony held at York, we were given a Silver Gilt award, that's one below Gold for our efforts in the spring judging. It makes us wonder what we would have been awarded if we had been able to show the judges our efforts for the summer part of the competition.

After our meeting I went with Frances to Marsh Street Car Park to count up the number of plants we will need to plant in the bed we call Jo's bed next Thursday. This is the plant we want to plant there, the same as we have planted in one of the entrance beds.

Then we went to Woodend Nurseries in Great Preston and purchased 10 Euonymus "Emerald 'N' Gold" and photographed them.
At our meeting this morning Peter Jones asked if we question the grass cutting policy along Park Street, Rothwell between Blackburn Court & Gillett Bridge. It seems that outside Blackburn Court on Park Street, the grass has been cut short and neatly.

However, on both sides of Haigh Beck, between Blackburn Court & Gillett Bridge, the grass has been left long and uncut.

I have asked Stewart Golton our Liberal Councillor if he can help us resolve this situation.

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