Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Weekly Report Monday 1st to 8th September 2014

Not much to report this week, but today Tuesday 2nd September I went to the Rothwell Methodist Church on Butcher Lane with two trays of plants given to me by Mick who lives on Oakroyd, Rothwell-he has a greenhouse and grows plants from cuttings. He had donated these two trays of a sort of geranium, that is only an annual, that is a flower that completes its flowering and seeding in one year. Once the frosts come the plant dies.

This is the plant:- "Attar of Roses"

So I planted one tray in the bed close to a sign
The other tray I planted in a rose garden
Planted in the rose garden
Planted in the bed near the sign
The group will be working in Marsh Street Car Park on Thursday, according to the plan.

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