Saturday, 25 October 2014

Weekly Report October 20 to October 27

During this week arrangements for our joint working with Rothwell Juniors were finalised; Frances worked hard coordinating our plans, and I sent a confirmation e-mail to Helen Turpin with the arrangements for Monday 27th & Friday 31st October on the 21st.

Final Arrangements for our joint working on 27th & 30th October.

Monday 27th: Meet at Royd's Court Gardens at 10am-nearest car park is Marsh Street Car Park, turn left out of the car park, walk past Working Mens Club, cross Marsh St, and Royds lane to Royd's Court, Leeds City Council old persons group dwelling complex.

We are planting bulbs in 3 areas of Royds Court, some into the large round bed-the bulbs are going into soil. Then we are planting bulbs into 2 grassed areas, one in front of Royds Court itself, near the Round bed, in front of a brick wall, and some into the grassed area adjacent to a dental surgery. We will provide bulb planters,but if the ground is hard, the turf will have to be removed, so that the bulbs can be planted into the ground and the turf replaced. We have spades too.

On Monday we are also putting in new winter bedding with small bulbs into 5 planters in the Royds court area, 2 large ones in front of the building and 2 at junction of Clayton St & Marsh St & one outside Serendipity/Manning Stainton. Trowels & small hand-forks will be required for this job if the boys/parents have any.

We have the winter bedding plants and bulbs.

Thursday 30th: Meet at Rothwell Library Garden-nearest car park, Marsh Street at 10am. 

We are planting bulbs into soil in a large bed which is partially covered with plastic membrane which will have to be removed first. Then we are planting winter bedding and small bulbs into a planter opposite the library outside Ragamuffins shop.

Then we go to Church Street Car park and plant bulbs on either side of the entrance, and near to the stream. If we still have time after this we will go to Marsh St car park and plant some bulbs into a large bed which we developed this year, called Jo's bed.

Trowels, spades & forks will be required, we have both spades & forks and our own trowels and hand forks so anymore will be useful.

Confirmation has now been received, we will have 7 players on each day, plus one or two parents as well. 
Also during this week I heard from Richard Gill, Floral Initiatives Officer for Leeds CC, asking all the in-blooms group in Yorkshire wanted to enter the Yorkshire In-bloom competition for 2015. I confirmed that Rothwell in Bloom had voted against entering next year. 

On Thursday 23 October, Frances & I took the trailer to Molly's house and collected some  pansies & polyanthus plants for the traffic light planter on Marsh Street. She had the same variety of plants for the brick circular bed at Margaret's Garden. We were going to plant these flowers in these planters this morning, plus add some bulbs as well. So back to Margaret's Garden, where we were soon joined by our other volunteers. Promptly at 0930, two men from Palmer Plants arrived in a large van containing our two new trees which they were going to plant into the ground between two of our wooden planters. Mary & Molly had decided on the trees, Prunus Spire and Prunus Okame, both cherry trees which grow quite slowly, to about 12 feet in 20 years, spreading about that width too. Consultation with us first, the two men started to dig two holes in the ground for our new trees.
Here are the two trees in their pots standing in front of their van awaiting planting
While they were planting our new trees I took the trailer over to the traffic light planter so that Rosalind & Margaret could start planting out our new spring bedding plants.
However, before the planting started on that planter, work started on the brick circular bed, planting the same pansies & polyanthus there.
Looking from across the road, our volunteers & paid employees were hard at work this morning
Then it was time to plant up the traffic light planter, with the pansies
Then some bulbs too.
Soon the planter was finished 
The tree men planted the trees, then added wooden support posts
Molly, Margaret & Rosalind then headed for Gillett Bridge where they planted some more pansies & polyanthus in the new planters at Duncan's Garden. Unlike previous years, when we have planted 50 or more plants in these planters, now with more sustainable plants in our planters, the bedding plants are much reduced in number. 
Soon we all returned to Margaret's garden where Mary poured out the drinks and took out  the biscuits-time for a break!
During break-time we discussed the arrangements for Monday & Thursday working next week. Then it was back to work-Peter and Betty working on tidying up the grass verges 
This is Peter working on the verge adjacent to the brick footpath before the break.
After the break he worked on the verge close to Megabites and the new trees.
Finally the verge close to the brick footpath again
In all a good mornings work
It's been a fun day and much achieved.
On Saturday morning Frances & I went into Rothwell to check to see that the grass was soft enough to use a bulb planter. It's so much easier with a metal bulb planter that cuts a hole for a daffodil bulb to be placed in then the plug of soil & grass to be replaced. Alternatively the only other way when planting bulbs in lawns is to make a cut with a sharp knife in  the form of a cross, and X shape, then peel back the turf, then plant the bulbs and replace the turf. Gladly it was soft enough for the bulb planters.So roll on Monday morning.

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