Friday, 7 November 2014

Weekly Report 13 October to 20 October

It seems that I had forgotten this week, so will try to repair the damage. On the Thursday morning we gathered at Royds Court to remove the summer bedding plants from both the circular bed, the petal planters and the planters around this area of Rothwell. So we started with the planters at Clayton Street. This is how they looked before we started work.
But by the time we had finished this is how they looked then.
Then we moved onto the Petal Planters which were still flowering away. These were the planters that I had  been so bothered about earlier in the year when we discovered that our source of watering had been removed. Alternatives were thought of, using a trolley to carry filled plastic jerry cans of water and pour the contents into the reservoirs on the petals. The jerry cans were going to have to be filled by using a hose from a kitchen inside the Group Dwelling-all very labour intensive, and with so few people able to lift 25 litres of water at a time, unlikely to be achieved. In the end watering was not required, the rain water & the reservoirs in the planters did the trick. 
So we started on the petals, and between us removed all the plants.
Peter Dug over the beds, clearing the soil, so ready for the Rothwell Junior lads to refill them later in the month.
We left a flowering strawberry and ivy in the top petals.
Then we removed the plants from the planter outside Manning Stainton Estate Agents-they looked ready to come out.

Next we moved onto Margaret's Garden, and planted some tulips into the wooden planters.
Frances wanted to show me that she had found her new secateurs which some kind person had handed them into Megabites, the sandwich shop on the corner that supports us so well.
During coffee break we discussed us working with Rothwell Juniors during half-term week-it was going to be a busy time.

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