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Weekly Bulletin Monday 19 January 2015 to Monday 26 January

Hi all.

Rothwell in Bloom has been quiet since the beginning of January 2015, just like the gardens I suppose, resting up until the rush of spring! We all met up at Rosalind's home on January 8 for a buffet meal with drinks, inviting partners, friends etc, a chance for a chat. The weather has been generally cold as well. On Thursday 15 we met up for a meeting-a formal one this time with minutes etc. Just a chance to discuss plans for the next few weeks and future projects. Our financial position still looks strong, so we are going to have a walk about on Thursday of this week to see if we can improve Commercial Street in the centre of Rothwell. Some of the planters there have been in position since 1998-so maybe this is the time to change them and change their positions or both or neither, we shall see.There are still some improvements we could do to Marsh Street Car Park. There is a large bed which we never have touched at all. This a photograph of this bed in 2014.
This is an example of what the remainder of the car park would have looked like if Rothwell in Bloom hadn't decided to take over the bed, pay for and maintain it so another bed nearby looks like this.
Well on Thursday morning we met together outside Morrisons supermarket in Commercial Street, and then walked along it to its junction with Marsh Street. We discussed our options as relating to the street furniture and conifer garden. This is what we have at this junction already
There is a bench which is in rather poor condition-it could do with a paint. The bushes behind in the conifer garden need to be trimmed so that they do not hang over the bench and the two rectangular blue planters that are below them. There is a blue bin between these planters. This bin, bench & planters in more detail
So we may remove the planters and locate them elsewhere in Commercial Street, and the bench as well once it has been cleaned and painted. Then replace the bench with two wooden seats and move the bin between them and place new planters to the left and right of the benches and also another planter around the corner in an angle close to the premises in Commercial Street.
Then we turned our attention to the area outside Serendipity fashions, where there are two curved benches and an angled planter painted blue & a rectangular planter the same as above.
Our thoughts at the moment is to leave the angled planter where it is, but re-site the rectangular planter somewhere else in Commercial Street.The lamp post to the left of the photograph carries two planters between spring & summer. Opposite on the corner of Marsh Street & Clayton Street are two angled planters that allow flowers to be displayed to passing motorists travelling along Marsh St towards Royds Lane, whereas the angled planter outside Serendipity displays flowers to motorists travelling in the opposite direction. All we need to do to these planters is to paint them blue.
Then we started to walk along Commercial Street in the direction of Butcher Lane & what caught our eyes immediately was the the rectangular planters which were placed in position in 1998 needed some cleaning and painting, and many needed re-aligning. For example there are two close to a shop called "Flower Power"
Another outside Clearance Outlet was in the same position, it needed re-aligning.
In Gaol Yard, where there are 6 planters, 3 either side, the same was true here, they  just needed re-aligning
There are a couple of places either side of the entrance to Gaol Yard which would lend them being occupied by an angled planter similar to those above so that passers by could see flower displays as they walked into this area from either direction. So more food for thought just needed to source these planters.

So where to locate the spare rectangular planters, well we could place them outside Olwyn Fox
Boots the Chemist, even the bench could go there as it was once there before until it was removed as Morrisons was being re-built.
Also outside Emsley Estate Agents & solicitors
Then close to the end of the street there is a large space opposite the Hare & Hounds Public House probably owned by Morrisons, which would lend itself to having some planters put into place there.
At the moment all these are but ideas, nothing is in concrete as consultations have to be made and the group quite satisfied its the way forward. So watch this space. 

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