Thursday, 12 February 2015

Weekly Report Monday 9th February to Sunday 15th February

Hi all, Not much to report today, but today we met in Marsh Street Car Park intent on tidying some large flower beds there which we look after.
Here we all working away on this cold drab morning.

Rosalind Tiffin and I then went to the entrance of Marsh Street Car Park where on the Joseph Priestley College side of the car park we prepared the ground for some Aconites to be planted. Rosalind had bought some John Innes Number 3 compost, a soil based compost which we dug into the soil into four places which we decided we should plant some Aconites.

Next Thursday the plants will be delivered and we will plant them in the ground.
Then in the library we had a break and discussed once more the street furniture in Commercial Street. After much discussion it was decided that rather than tackle the whole of the street we should just redevelop the area beneath the conifer garden, putting in a new seat like the one that is there, replace 3 planters with the octagonal design ones like we have at Gillett Bridge and replace the planter outside Manning Stainton Estate Agents with the same sort of planter with similar planting display, that is a mixture of perennial and annuals. Three old planters will be removed and placed outside shops in Commercial Street, namely Olwyn Fox, Boots and Emsley Estate Agents.

This is what we have at Gillett Bridge.

Now it's a matter or organising all this.

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