Monday, 20 April 2015

Planting new flowers in Jo's bed on 16 April 2015

We decided to fill Jo's bed in Marsh Street Car Park with new flowers. Over the few weeks I told you that we had gradually removed all the membrane and dug over and prepared the soil for the new plants. The whole day was like a military operation, such great fun and very fulfilling. On Monday 14 April we went to Wood End garden centre in Allerton Bywater and bought some new plants-Crocosmia Lucifer, a tall plant with red/ornage flowers, Lobelia Queen Victoria,  Lobelia Russian Princess, red flowers & purple leaves, Echinacea Prairie Splendour-tall plants with red flowers.
On Tuesday 14 April Mick Borrow gave us some plants he had grown in his greenhouse namely some yellow Loosestrife, pink Japanese Anemone, purple Aquilegia, London Pride, Summer Snow, so using water butt water I soaked all these plants readying them for planting on Thursday-what a show they made in the garden next to the garage.

On Thursday morning, 16 April, I hitched our trailer to the car, then filled 4 jerry cans with water, and placed them into the trailer along with a piece of hosepipe, portable trolley, spade, forks, bags and the plants into the car. Rosalind collected those plants Mick had given us, so that on Thursday morning we assembled everything on the path beside Jo's bed in Marsh St Car Park.
Then we chose to plant the Lucifer near the sign at the front of the bed, with the London Pride around the edges, next to the Lucifer, went the Lobelia Russian Princess, & Queen Victoria, and next to them went the Echinacea Prairie Splendour. This would mean we hope that when drivers turn into the car park they will see a long row of tall reddish plants flowering in the summer months. All these plants will grow again over the next few years and spread all over these areas. 

Then we turned our attention to the other side of the bed, where there is a yellow flowering shrub. Here we planned to plant the Yellow Loosestrife, and the Japanese Anemone in the centre of the bed between some tall shrubs. The anemone will grow tall in the next few years. The other plants from Mick Borrow were planted at the front of the bed where they will spread over the next few years.

So the planting started, the ladies and Pete Jones doing the work with me supplying watering cans of water filled from the Jerry Cans as we have no water supply on site.
The Lucifer all planted up with London Pride.
The Lobelia & Echinacea
The Yellow Loosestrife
Japanese Anemone
Finally all the remaining rocks were gathered together and placed on the soil below which is concrete ready to be converted into our new rock garden.
After our coffee break, we were joined by Stewart Beaumont, our previous chairman who volunteers to cut the grass at Margaret's garden. With the morning's work we completed we all made our way home-a good mornings work.

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