Thursday, 14 May 2015

Week Ending 17 May 2015

Thursday morning dawned cool and cloudy as we drove into Church St Car Park opposite Rothwell Holy Trinity Church. Our task today was to plant some new plants into the right hand flower bed of this car park, so my first task was to provide some water to go with into the holes dug for the new plants. Our water supply was very close by, River Dolphin, a spring-fed stream, made up of about 3 brooks running from all around Rothwell. The stream empties into the River Aire at Fleet.
It has steep sides, nettles and brambles everywhere, so the first thing to do was to clear the nettles out of the way.
Then I dug a series of steps down to the stream,
 and took a couple of watering cans down and filled them up again.

Then I walked over to where a number of plants had been purchased by Rosalind.
The plants that we planted were as follows
First the plants were placed in position
Then they were planted

Soon all the plants were planted, even some Geum
Just before we went for a break I took some photos of the planting display that motorists & pedestrians in Rothwell will see as they come past this car park.
So then it was a short walk along Butcher Lane to Rothwell Methodist Church, where it was time for a drink & a biscuit, then back to work, weeding & clearing the large bed at the front of the church, 

There is a man who cuts the hedge at the church and helps out with the garden-he was there this morning as well as I chatted to him about planting ideas. So more to come with this garden. There were only 5 of us today, but as usual we all worked well, and a lot was achieved, but I am sure that there is much more to be done with both gardens. 

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