Thursday, 7 May 2015

Week ending Monday 11 May 2015

Thursday morning, polling day, so busy, busy, as it's a Rothwell in Bloom day as well. First thing Frances & I did was to fill the car with 6 bags of composted bark and then all the tools and drive into Marsh Street Car Park, leave the car there and walk to the polling station on Brigstock Lane to vote. Then back to the car park, and carry heavy 90 litre bags across to the entrance beds and spread the bark onto the recently weeded beds.

So here's one of the bags ready to opened and emptied onto the bed and then raked over into place.

Here's the contents of the first bag laid onto the bed near a lamp post
Here's another bag's content spread over the soil hopefully to prevent weed growth.
Meanwhile whilst I worked on the entrance bed nearest Rothwell Centre, Frances was working on the bed closest to the Working Men's Club.

Soon all six bags had been emptied and their contents strewn over the entrance beds. The last two on the entrance bed closest to the road.
Next in onto Margaret's Garden as per the plan where the rest of the group had gathered and were working on the various  gardens in this area.

Here you can see everyone hard at work-Molly working on the garden closest to the traffic lights, a large wooden planter full of spring bulbs and plants. She then went to work on Blue Bell wood, that's the garden to the right of that white car that is driving along Marsh Street. Meanwhile, Mary is knelt down weeding the garden in front of her where Ground Elder, a pernicious weed had taken hold and  needed removing. Frances, Betty & Rosalind were working on the brick circular bed, taking out the weeds and dead plants. I had started working on the wooden planters removing some huge weeds, then cutting grass around the planters themselves. 

Margaret was helping me prune the Penstemon plants, whilst Rosalind & Betty were clearing away the weeds that are growing in the cracks of the brick paving under the wooden seats which we noticed needed a coat of paint applying. Luckily we met Steve our painter and asked him if he could have a look at the seats for us.Soon it was coffee time, so we sat around the seats chatting, soon to be joined by Tracey Reynolds who with her husband manages the Springhead cafe in Springhead Park.

She invited us to attend the anniversary of their opening on Saturday 20 June 2015. As a group which contributes to Rothwell, would we like to attend and promote our activities. We said yes we would so something else to think about. Fortunately that week we are giving a talk at Rothwell Library as to what we have done in Rothwell so will have some display material to work with.

Then it was back to Rothwell library where we planted some new flowers in the bed we worked on last week and the large central bed.

That's it for another day-more composted bark for next week I think.

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