Sunday, 3 May 2015

Weekly Report Week ending 3 May 2015

Thursday is our normal working day, but one person namely this blogger, working for Rothwell in Bloom was certainly not on the agenda as he recovered from taking out, washing, painting and replacing several fence panels, requiring a considerable amount of lifting, stretching, bending over and generally hard work. 5 members of the in bloom group gathered outside Marsh Street Car Park in Rothwell ready to start the arduous task of weeding both beds of chick weed and Sycamore seedlings. Both beds were worked on, and several bags of weeds filled ready for collection by our litter gangs.

A coffee-break was taken in the library and then afterwards the work continued. Previous to this, on Wednesday, the blogger, me, had taken a walk around Rothwell, calling in at Margaret's Garden where Stuart had just cut the grass. Last year we arranged for Green Thumb to maintain our grassed areas at these gardens and what a great job they have made of the grass now, particularly with Stuart cutting it.

I took a couple of photographs of the wooden planters and trees.

During the walk around Rothwell, I called in at the car park to look at the plants we put in 2 weeks ago; there was quite a strong breeze blowing from the west, and the Lucifer plants were taking quite a battering, so I wondered if we could plant some shrubs to act as a wind brace to protect them.
 Whilst looking at the Crocosmia plants I thought that the of rocks we had placed in a pile ready to turn into a rockery had reduced in number. I couldn't be sure at the time. Anyway, today Friday 1 May, I returned to the car park with a couple of "Magic Carpet" shrubs, their real name is Spiraea japonica
So I dug a couple of holes, filled them with water, and planted in them the two shrubs.
Then I photographed the rocks, and sure enough there were only nine of them-there had been eleven. Funny didn't know rocks could walk did you?
On Saturday we are returning to the car park to do some more weeding.There was still quite a lot to do as we started work.
By the end of the morning the edge of the bed nearest the cars was looking better.
So was the edge nearest the road at Marsh Street.
Even the Japanese Anemone and Delphinium looked tidier!
Just before I left around midday where we started looked tidier too!
The next thing to do will be spread some composted bark all over the soil on this bed so as to try to prevent the weeds from growing back again.

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