Thursday, 11 June 2015

Week Ending 14 June 2015

On Monday morning 8 June Frances & I drove to Mollie's and collected some more plants for the remaining planters in Rothwell. So the first two planters tackled this morning was the one outside Serendipity Fashions in Commercial Street and outside Manning Stainton, Estate Agents.

A bag of John Innes Number 3 Compost was added to each planter first of all, and then the plants were added in the same planting plan as other planters.
Cineraria "Silver Dust" around the outsides followed by mixed Petunias in the centre in numbers of 20 Cineraria & 40 Petunias. Frances hard work on her knees!

Once this planter was filled, it was watered.That's a job on its own, finding a water supply and lugging watering cans all over the place.
The planter outside Serendipity Fashions was planted by Margaret & Mary.
Then watered by me.

Then on to Ragamuffins & Denton's on Marsh Street, where another bag of John Innes Number 3 Compost was added to the soil in the planter, then it was planted & watered.
The last planter tackled this way was the three at Gillett Bridge.
That is two at one place and one by itself on the other side of the road-here just petunias were added into the planter which has Phormium Sundowner looking as if its owns the planter.

All three of these planters are watered using river water which has to be collected from the stream running through Rothwell, hauled up the nettle & Himalyan Balsam strewn river bank and poured onto the thirsty planters.
The other planter is close to a traffic sign-we could use the river the other side of the bridge but it's easier using the side already cleared of nettles etc.
At break time we discussed alternative ways of watering the planters as it is a problem for us in really hot dry weather. After planting and watering the planters I watered the planters at Royds Court-the Petal Planters we planted last week. Over the weekend the weather has been dry, though not particularly warm, but the planters still needed watering, so I had to use watering cans and a water supply nearby to do this-again lugging heavy receptacles of water is no mean task, so we will have to think of something else soon if the summer weather is dry this year. On Thursday we are meeting at Margaret's Garden.

Yesterday those lovely people at Leeds City Council Parks department based at Springhead Park offered to help us water our planters during the summer months so that will be a great help. Thanks everyone!

On Thursday morning we met at Margaret's Garden and set to work to weed the large perennial flower bed.
I started to use the edging shears and shears to trim the grass away from the wooden planters and trees.
So eventually the sides looked like this

At break time we talked about the watering and our thanks to our Parks Department for helping us and planned our talk on Tuesday to the Golden Days Group at Rothwell Library. Then we planned the next 7 weeks of work.

18 June
Library Garden
16 July
Marsh Street Car Park Middle beds
25 June
Marsh St Car Park Entrance
23 July
Back Gillett Lane
2 July
Methodist Church
30 July
Margaret’s Garden & Blue Bell Wood
9 July
Church Street Car Park Beds

Then we went to the Cottage Garden on Marsh Street. This is a garden in the front of three terraced properties, two of which belong to the Council & one is privately owned.

There is some membrane covering the soil, plants planted in it but there are other weeds plants as well. The group cleared all these weeds out of this garden. 
I then returned to Gillett Bridge, donned Wellington Boots, and filled watering cans and emptied them into the three planters. Then I went to Royds Court and watered the Petal Planters as well.
Rain is forecast at the weekend-great!

Yes it rained from early on Saturday morning to about lunchtime, so with a bit of luck our planters will all have had a good drink. I had a walk into Rothwell, and on the way back took some photos of the car park entrance.

Sometimes I think it's hard to remember that this is just a municipal car park.
The Delphiniums in blue & white with Geums in red behind.

Geums in the foreground and Delphinums in the background

General view of whole entrance bed.

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