Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week Ending Sunday 21 June 2015

The first piece of good news I had on Monday was that Stewart Golton, Liberal councillor for Rothwell had arranged for Rothwell in Bloom to have access to a water point at Royds Court, Rothwell so we can water the Petal Planters there without the  need to carry heavy watering cans of water.

Then today, Tuesday, four of our group went to Rothwell Library where with the help of members I gave a short talk to the Golden Days group about our organisation called Rothwell in Bloom. Frances & I at first put together a board with photographs explaining what we as a group have attained.

We took these down to the library and erected them on their stands, then arranged the room so that the audience were able to sit in groups and share a copy of a folder of photographs. Here's the room set out all ready for the audience. Note a banner saying who we are.
I compiled 8 albums of of 80 photographs to accompany the talk, using our work at Marsh Street car Park to explain all about our group-that's a lot of ink!
This is the name of the group we were speaking to.
We hope now that a few more people will know about our group and the work we do in Rothwell.
On Tuesday afternoon I walked into Rothwell and took a couple of photos of the library bed, then went to look at the new planters on Blackburn Hall that had been so recently erected. Having spoken to Craig the caretaker at the hall, I realised that I would have to get a ladder and check the condition of our irrigation system that we have to water these 6 planters. So on Thursday morning at our usual working time of 9-30 am, whilst everyone else started working at the library garden as per the programme, I took a ladder and erected it at the various points along the outside wall of Blackburn Hall, and with the water system on checked to see that the Endline Mini sprinklers, which stick into the soil of the planter, and connect via the micro pipeline into the main irrigation hose were all working. Quite a few of them had lost their caps, so water was spurting out of the tops of these sprinklers like mini-fountains. On another planter, the micro-pipe had worn through so water was spraying passers-by as they walked along on the pavement below. I turned off the water supply, and replaced some of the caps and sprinklers from the few spares I had already, but realised I needed more plus a new micro-pipe as well. Our planters on the wall of Blackburn Hall-we pay for these plants ourselves-well Rothwell in Bloom does, they are not provided by Leeds City Council.

 Back at the library, the ladies were hard at work planting all the plants that Rosalind had purchased from Rothwell Garden Centre.

 Lupins, Penstemon, Phlox Dianthus, mini delphinium-called delphinium grandiflorum
Phlox already for planting

 Soon several bags of weeds had been collected, and put out for the litter people to collect.

I also admired Margaret's garden bag on wheels!

Not sure what these plants are but they are very colourful!
Now all in the ground and watered in using our water supply system.
Needing some spares for the irrigation system, Rosalind & I went to Rothwell Garden centre to see if they sold them, they didn't, but she bought some more plants, various sorts of lilies, which we took back to the library bed and planted those as well.

Then we removed the water system,  tidied up, and I returned to Blackburn Hall, and returned the ladder. However, then with the ladder owner and some spare parts for the water system and knowledge of how to use boiling water to soften the micro-pipes to remove them from the mini-sprinklers, I replaced all the pipes and sprinklers that were required, tested the system again and let the water run and thoroughly soak the planters, which had been in the holders for about a week without water so needed a good flood! Home for 2-30 pm, quite a day already! I now know how to both carry and use a ladder as well!

Also during that day I noticed that the planters at the Cottage Garden on Marsh Street, where we worked last week had increased by one planter. On Thursday 11 June, we worked at the Cottage garden weeding this large flower bed which is in fact 3 gardens belonging to a series of terraced houses all joined together. Here we are last week working on this garden.
On the wall, just below the window can you see a blue coloured plastic box, which has some flowers growing in it. Well that's a plastic planter with a plastic infill of flowers growing in it. There are two plastic boxes with flowers in them. The flowers in those containers are grown at Red Hall, parks department nurseries in a plastic infill, which they bring in a lorry to Rothwell and place them into these planters. The photograph below shows them in more detail, but there are two of these containers. There should be three, but the third plastic container had fallen off its wooden support, so the parks department were unable to fill it with its infill of flowers which Rothwell in Bloom pays for.
However, sometime during this week, those same parks department people in Rothwell had returned to these planters and re-fixed the plastic container in place, then put into it the infill of flowers.
 Now you can see three of these containers complete with flowers.
And again from the other end, now three containers.
So once again we at Rothwell in Bloom are indebted to our parks department at Rothwell who have taken the trouble again to fix a planter on its support again, saving us at Rothwell in Bloom, well it would be me, quite a job. Thank you.

On Saturday 4 of our members went to the cafe in Springhead Park where the owner was celebrating 12 months of opening. Our members took with them some plants to sell and some of our booklets to show the work we do in Rothwell. They stayed there an hour, after left the plants there with the sign-free to a good home", and later in the afternoon when they returned all the plants had new owners!

On Sunday morning it being Father's Day, and our son suggesting I spend the day doing what I like, I went to into Marsh Street Car Park taking with me some Attar of Roses plants. I had noticed that around the Lucifer plants we put in earlier this year a number of weeds had grown, so rather than weeds, I decided to plant some flowers that I wanted. Mick Burrow gave me the plants, so I arrived at Jo's bed to see the weedy bed.
I dug out the weeds, putting them into our Leeds Council litter bags along with some plastic bottles & paper rubbish, then planted the Attar of Roses, watering them in with water taken from my water butt. The flowers will flower through out the summer but as soon as the frosts arrive they will kill the plant off-they are not a hardy plant.

I planted the flowers amongst the Lucifer, and in front of our Rothwell in Bloom sign.
The Lucifer plants are beginning to flower-looking forward to seeing them fully out. They will spread and grow in larger bunches next year.

After planting the Attar of Roses it was time to weed the beds starting with the one on the corner of the bed-still lots to do.
It wasn't long until I had finished the weeding and filled the bag with weeds and rubbish and left it out for the litter people to collect. So that's it for another week-next week we met again on Thursday at the library again for more planting and more maintenance. Wonder what the week will bring us.

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