Saturday, 6 June 2015

Week Ending Sunday 7 June 2015

This week on Thursday was planting out day, the first of the summer bedding plants into the planters.
So Thursday we drove over to Mollie's house and collected the plants previously delivered by the men in the Park's Department at Red Hall in North Leeds. We buy our summer bedding from Leeds City Council Parks Department who deliver them. So a lovely display of summer bedding waiting for new homes.
Trays of Begonia Olympic waiting to be planted into the Royds Court Petal Planters where the boys from Rothwell Juniors last week dug out the winter bedding plants and refreshed the soil with John Innes Number 3 compost. Fortunately the last few days we have had some showers of rain so the planters which store the water in the "petals" were quite full.

In another part of the garden were trays of Geranium, Cineraria Silver Dust & Petunia plants.

So filling our cars with plants we drove to Royds Court in Rothwell, & unloaded the trays of Begonia Olympic and started to plant them into the Petal Planters distributed according to this plan.
Sorry sun was a bit strong that day-20 plants in the petals & 12 in the tubs above, none on the third tier. Here we all are planting away!
You can see the planting plan here below, 20 in the lower tiers, the petals, and then 12 in the circular planter above, and just a few in the ivy above that tier.
Meanwhile I had been asked to remove some perennial plants from the Traffic Light planter in readiness for planting summer bedding there. Last year we planted some Salvia plants at the back of this planter and mixed them with summer bedding plants but this year Mollie had a different plan which did not involve the Salvia.
So I took them out, carried them to Jo's bed at Marsh Street Car Park and planted them in there, watering them later.
Next we all tackled Clayton Street Planters, different variety of plants in a different planting plan.
The plants were Cineraria "Silver Dust" & Petunia, with the 20 Cineraria plants around the circumference with the 40 Petunia plants in the centre.
Finally the planters looked like this when finished.

Then it was off to Margaret's Garden, where we had our refreshment break, time for a chat, and met up with Stewart Golton who took a photograph of us all.
Rear,(left to right) Mary, John, Peter, Front, (left to right) Rosalind, Betty, Frances, Margaret & Mollie.

Then it was back to work planting at the Circular Bed at Margaret's Garden and in the Traffic Light Planter.
At the traffic light planter were planted geraniums & lobelia

Into the brick circular bed were also planted the same plants, with the lobelia around the edge with the geranium in the centre, these being watered in.

We are working Monday planting up the remainder of the planters. We really now need some rain to help the plants settle into their new surroundings.

Okay that's it for another week.

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