Thursday, 30 July 2015

Weekly Report for week ending Sunday 2 August 2015

On Thursday we all met at Margaret's Garden and set to work to do a number of different pieces of work. I worked on Back Gillett Lane, finishing off what we started last Thursday-the hedges had to be cut, litter removed and the place tided up. Hedges before & after

Meanwhile, Mary Fleet & Frances worked on the large perennial flower bed; here they are amongst the Crocosmia Lucifers.
Later Frances,joined Molly & Margaret working on the Back Gillet Lane cross Garden and then on the Bluebell wood area. However then the rain began to fall, first as a drizzle but eventually a flood so we all retired to Blackburn Hall for a coffee break and chat. When the rain stopped we were out again, working on the large perennial garden, whilst Peter Jones continued to work removing chick weed from the planters outside Royd's Court & Serendibity. Here they are looking so much better without the weeds.
Next week we are at the library, as Back Gillett Lane has been completed. 

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