Thursday, 23 July 2015

Weekly Report for week ending Sunday 26 July 2015

On Thursday morning 7 members of our group gathered at Margaret's garden-our task this morning was two fold. The majority of us started work on the gardens we call Back Gillett Lane. There are two of these gardens-the first is quite small, about 8 metres long and about 2 metres wide. The next garden is about 40 metres long and again 2 metres wide. Most of this garden consists of trees and shrubs, whereas the smaller garden has perennials & shrubs-one thing they all have in common seeing as both gardens are in the open and very public is rubbish-there is always tons of litter, cans, bottles, paper, plastic bags, so lots for all of  us to do this morning. Peter Jones went to tackle the chick weed growing in the large wooden planter we call the traffic light planter. This planter was only planted with flowers a few weeks ago but already it is choked with chick weed.
The rest of us started work on the two flower beds at Back Gillett Lane.
You can see our litter bags already starting to be filled with rubbish & weeds. The bushes in the longer garden were then tackled.
These had to be cut back & the ground beneath them weeded thoroughly. When we had finished this the same area looked much tidier.
At the rear of this shrubbery is a dumping ground for rubbish, after it too had  been cleared how much better it looked.
The smaller garden was tidied too
All this hard work resulted in many bags of rubbish being collected and left for collection by our litter people.
Peter Jones had done a good job with the traffic light planter.
During our coffee break we discussed our next few weeks work-we have to plan our work so that all the areas get covered.
30 July
Margaret’s Garden & Bluebell Wood-John & Peter constructing rockery in Jo’s bed at Car Park
27 August
Royds Court & Joseph Priestley
6 August
Back Gillett Lane
3 September
Car Park beds
13 August
Planters starting at Duncan’s garden

20 August
Library & Ragamuffins
10 September
Methodist Church Garden
Notes: Think about top of steps in Marsh Street Car Park & Conifer Garden Planters.

So next week most of us are back at Margaret's Garden whilst Peter & I are starting work constructing a rockery in Jo's bed in Marsh St Car Park.

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