Saturday, 17 October 2015

Week Ending Sunday 18 October 2015

This week we have been thinking about the future projects-our work with Rothwell Juniors Football Team Under 13 J/E on Thursday 29 October, and other rockery sites in Rothwell.

On Thursday 15 October we all met in Marsh Street Car Park and started to weed Jo's bed as we call  it. There we started to tidy up  the large bed, weeding it and planting bulbs.
Rosalind had been to the garden centre on Royds Lane, a one-man band and ordered from him some Winston Churchill Variety Daffodils. This variety of daffodil has loose clusters of creamy white, double flowers, which are each flecked with orange, top the upright stems in spring. These slightly ruffled appearance of these double flowers is enchanting, and they have a sweet perfume too, so are ideal for adding to freshly cut bouquets.
Certainly the bulbs are quite a size-
This is the Latin name for them-Erlicheer.
The bulbs were planted in the area on the corner of the bed and then throughout its area.
Meanwhile, I went to the first of the prickly flower beds, the one closest to Commercial Street, where Frances and I were working last Monday. I had with me some buckets of garden soil which I tipped onto this flower bed to make a mound of soil. 
The place in the flower bed near a sign where the soil was destined for.
 Before above and after below
In many places on this bed the soil is thin, and nothing grows not even weeds. I think there is some concrete under this garden beds in places, so taking members of our group I discussed with them the suitability of this site for another rockery garden. You can see the site of it here.
Along the left hand edge, and then onto the corner-we will leave the Berberis plants where they are as they make such a pretty area.
Over our tea break in the library we discussed the Thursday working with our football team-we are going to be working on 2 areas-on Manor Road & on the new bed at the top of the steps. Just to remind you-Manor Road Garden is this one.
The new bed at the top of the steps in Marsh Street Car Park is this one
We have decided that after digging over the ground, removing all the weeds and the old shrub in the foreground, we will dig in some horse manure, and then plant pyracanthus plants (firethorn), like we have in the other Marsh Street Car Park Beds 

in the form of a hedge, so quite close together. Then in front of them lavender bushes, and in front of them bulbs and perennials of various sorts. Mary Fleet offered to go to Red Hall, the headquarters of Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside nurseries and purchase some plants from them. I am glad to say that this is what happened-they will deliver them too next Monday. So this will mean that on Thursday 29 October we will have some shrubs to plant, some bags of manure to dig into the newly dug and weeded soil in this car park bed, and some bulbs & coloured heathers in ericaceous compost and some John Innes Number 3 to dig in and plant into this memorial garden. Two new projects for the benefit of Rothwell people. Then we made our plans for the next few weeks.

Thursday 22 October
Planting Out autumn bedding starting at Gillett Bridge & continuing at Traffic Lights & Margaret’s Garden
Thursday 5 November
Planting out Autumn bedding continued-planters in Marsh Street, & circular Bed
Thursday 29 October
Working with Rothwell Juniors-meet at Rothwell Methodist Church-split into 2 groups and work on Manor Road & bed at top of the steps in Marsh Street Car Park
Thursday 12 November
Rockery Garden in Marsh Street Car Park & finish off planting out autumn bedding
Thursday 19 November
To be decided
Thursday 26 November
To be decided

So after a bit more weeding, and finishing off the bag of bulbs planted into Jo's bed we left the car park again. 

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