Thursday, 10 March 2016

Rockery Building again-Entrance Bed at Marsh Street Car Park

Last Thursday it was decided that today we would construct another rockery-this time at the entrance of Marsh Street Car Park. In order to arrange this on Monday 7 March I went to see Mark at Parks department to ask if we could use their spare pieces of stone to build a rockery. Having gained his assent on Thursday morning, that's today, I was at the Parks Depot at 0730 to choose some stone and help to load it into a trailer.

 Also on Monday I went to Rothwell Garden Centre and ordered some multi purpose compost, John Innes Number 2 Compost, grit and pea gravel to be delivered on Thursday morning to the working site in the car park.

So about 0850 am Frances & I were down in Rothwell, preparing the ground in the car park, removing some Crocosmia plants, bulbs etc and clearing the ground to prepare it for rockery construction.
At 0930, the rocks were brought to our site and we began to unload them. I had added a couple of logs too.

The began the building of the rockery, with pea gravel being spread onto the prepared ground first, then a layer of rocks, followed by some Multi-purpose compost being spread on top of the gravel up to the level of the first layer of stones. Subsequent layers of rocks with compost, both multi purpose compost & John Innes Compost Number 2-it has a gravel base, with grit added to both rocks and growing medium. These are part of the work force:-

Eventually the construction was complete
Just before we went to coffee break at the library I took some photos of the completed structure.

The tractor driver from Parks asked if we were going to construct another rockery on the other side of the entrance which is close to the Working Men's Club.
During our coffee break such a construction was discussed and plans made for it to take place in the near future.

17 March 2016
Car Park, Finish Rockery
24 March 2016
Construct Rockery on other entrance bed of Marsh Street Car Park
31 March 2016
Renovate Rockery at Library
7 April
Complete work at Library
14 April
Methodist Church & Church Street

We also decided to accept the plans for the two new seats at the entrance of Commercial Street, together with a new planter.
After our coffee break some new plants were planted into our new garden.
Soon the new bed was completed and planted up with some lovely flowers.

So next week we will finish this rockery and start the preparation of the new rockery on the other side of the entrance. All such fun!

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