Tuesday, 3 May 2016

week ending Sunday 1 May 2016-Placing new planters

This week not a lot happened the Purple Vet decided that they didn't want us to place a new planter on the flattish place outside  their property, & because these type of planters have to be placed on a flat surface we have had to re-think where we are going to put it. In the end we have decided to put it outside Marsh Street Surgery where there is a flat place on grass near their entrance. I managed to make contact with the practice manager and gained his permission to place it there.

 Also on Wednesday Frances & I went to the Holy Trinity Church Hall where I gave a short talk to the members of a group about Rothwell in Bloom. On Thursday we gathered at Margaret's Garden, the small park at the junction of Oulton Lane, Marsh Street & Gillett Lane where we have a number of gardens. The penstemons were cut back, the bulbs removed and the beds tidied. Some of the group went to Red Hall-the Leeds City Council nurseries to choose some plants to go into the new planters. There they learnt that we should be changing the compost on the planters more regularly and removing the perennials & shrubs from them more frequently than we do.The new planters plus flowers will be delivered to Rothwell on Monday 23 May.

Stuart Beaumont had cut the grass at Margaret's Garden-Green Thumb maintain the grass and keep it looking green.

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