Friday, 10 June 2016

Week Ending Sunday 12 June 2016 Watering problems & meeting

This week on Sunday started a real heat wave-great for us all, but not for our flowers-there hasn't been any rain for quite a while now. So Monday morning Frances & I went into Rothwell to water our planters.

First stop the One Stop Shop where we have a watering point-small hosepipe from tap into 5 gallon plastic containers in the wheelbarrow. Then some into the green watering can .
I took the watering can to the planter opposite the library outside 2 businesses called Dentons & Ragamuffins.
Then down Marsh Street to Marsh Street Surgery where the new planter there was filled with water-2 containers altogether so 10 gallons. (That's 100lbs of water)
Then it was back to the One Stop shop and re-fill the containers & watering can and back down along Marsh Street to the planter at the conifer garden.
The green watering can was used to water the planter outside Serendipity Boutique.
Then back to the watering can and another 100lbs of water, and back along Marsh Street to the Dentist Surgery on Royds Lane.
Then back to the water point, another 100lbs of water & back along Marsh Street to the Petal Planters at Royds Court. Each petal was given about half a container. Then it was to Royds Court where we used the water supply there to water every single petal planter, 9 to each set, 18 petals, 9 containers full of water-450 lbs of water.
The planter on the corner of Marsh Street & Clayton Street was watered with the green watering can
So a lot of water later, it was back home again. Clearly in dry weather watering our planters is going to take a lot of co-operation & thought. Lets hope for a wet summer! On Wednesday afternoon, whilst walking through Rothwell I saw Martin & Kevin from Rothwell Parks watering a pair of hanging pots on a lamp post near Commercial Street. They confirmed that our planters & pots for the summer had been erected along Gillett Lane, around Gillett Bridge, on Blackburn Hall, and on Marsh Street. So I went and had a look for these pots & planters. Sure enough the new pots were on hooks outside the Vet on Commercial Street.

There was a new liner in the planter on the wall of the estate agent Reeds Rains on Marsh Street.
There were three new liners in the planters on the Cottage garden opposite Peggotys fish & chip shop on Marsh Street.
The planters on Blackburn Hall had had the spring liners removed & new summer ones added.

On Gillett Lane & around Gillett Bridge the new summer liners were located in the planters on posts.

On Thursday morning, instead of working in Rothwell we had a meeting where a number of things were discussed & decisions made. In the afternoon I went to the bed at the top of the steps in Marsh Street Car Park and dumped some spare soil. On the way back walked through Marsh Street Car Park to look at the lupins growing there planted by me from our friend Mick last year.
I then went to the conifer garden on corner of Marsh Street & Commercial Street and found Martin & Kevin erecting one of our new seats, with the other one in their trailer awaiting erection.

Tomorrow, Friday they will erect the second seat. 
In the afternoon, I returned to Marsh Street Car Park, to the bed at the top of the steps to plant some new plants there given by Mick.
These were those plants in the wheel barrow ready for removal to that garden.
There were some yellow loosestrife, London Pride, Summer Snow & a shrub called Malva-this is a picture of this plant in Mick's garden from which we now have a cutting which will grow into this size of plant by next year.
I put this plant in the middle of the bed at the top of the steps, the London Pride along the edges & the loosestrife in the centre of the bed watered into the ground.

Then I went to the small bed in the car park closest to the shops & planted the small rockery plants including summer snow in the rockery there.

So that's it for another week-next week we are at the Joseph Priestley Garden on Marsh Street, part of that garden looks in need of some tender care.

On Friday afternoon I will look and see if the other seat has been erected. Yes the other seat has been put in place, raw bolted into the pavement., thanks to parks for all their hard work & support.

See you next week.

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