Thursday, 2 June 2016

Week Ending Sunday 4 June Bed at Top of Steps-more plants added & Summer Bedding planting

At the beginning of this week we heard that Rothwell Ladies Circle is to present us with some money. Last week I had weeded the bed at the top of the steps, & mentioned this to our plant provider  Mick who lives in Oakroyd, Rothwell and supplies us with plants grown in his greenhouse. Sure enough a selection of plants arrived-

Some crocosmisia, Bowles Mauve, Wallflowers too along with some Yellow Loosestrife. So on Monday Frances & I went to the bed at the top of the steps, her with the car & plants & me with the wheelbarrow & water containers which I filled with water to plant the plants up with. I also dug up some Loosestrife from Jo's bed & some Japanese Anemone from the entrance beds in the car park to plant in this bed.

We laid them out onto the bed at the top of the steps and then started to plant them all.

Soon the bed was planted up with new plants & shrubs, all watered in as well.

On Thursday morning, 2 June, we all gathered at Margarets Garden-the mini park on the corner of Gillett Lane, Oulton Lane & Marsh Street and set to work to prepare the traffic light planter, the brick circular bed whilst Mary commenced work on the large perennial bed, adding some new plants & watering them in.
Here we all ready to start work.

Mary Fleet on the left hand side, Frances, Margaret & Rosalind over the road preparing the traffic light planter whilst Molly & Peter are preparing the brick circular planter.
The traffic light planter being planted by Frances, Margaret & Rosalind- I added the water, carried across the road in plastic containers.
The end result-lobelia, in blue & white planted around the sides with geranium in the centre.

The brick circular planter was planted up by me, Peter & Molly, then watered in using the hosepipe from a near by household.

Again Lobelia in blue & white with red coloured geranium.

While we were at Margaret's Garden, Jo Tinker arrived with her daughter and presented us with £100 from Rothwell Ladies Circle.

Meanwhile Mary was planting up some new plants into the large perennial bed.

In the centre the Bowles Mauve & Foxglove were in full flower.

Then we switched our attention to the planters at Gillett Bridge, watered in using the water from Rothwell Beck collected using the water containers.

Water containers beside the stream
The planters planted up & watered.

The third planter in this place is to be moved in 2 weeks time to a new site near Blackburn Court & planted up with new plants & watered in from the Beck.

Then the planter near the conifer garden-it was formerly on the corner of Marsh Street & Clayton Street. It too was planted up with geranium but also Cineraria. Below is the planter ready for planting with water containers full of water carried by myself from Margarets Garden.

Now planted up
So another hard-working week, lots done, next week we are holding a meeting. 

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