Thursday, 14 July 2016

The last 2 weeks 7 & 14 July 2016 working at Library & Rothwell Methodist Church

On Thursday 7 July we met at the library & started to tidy up all the gardens there.
The first garden to be weeded was the large garden at the front of the building-it's curved with a brick surround. 
Frances started to tidy the large garden closest to the front wall of the building where the plants planted there are of varieties that need little watering & plenty of sunshine.

I did use some weed killer on some weeds on a path adjacent to the library building. Russian Sage grows well here giving off a lovely scent, the large yellow plant is a curry plant A Holly Hock was planted near the front door of the library but clearly some of its seeds have dispersed themselves to grow in other parts of the garden,

Some pictures of the colourful flowers in the large flower bed-certainly this garden must be one of the best of any library garden in the Leeds area. Of course Rothwell in Bloom plant it for free and work on it at the same rate of pay!

Molly then set to work pruning the shrubs in the flower bed nearest a cottage next door.

Then Mary & Frances started to work on the rockery garden, where the soil is poor and even the weeds don't grow that well.
By the end of the morning all looked so much better.

Several bags of rubbish full of weeds were piled up near the rubbish bin ready for collection by our litter people.
On 14 July we met at Rothwell Methodist Church, where one of our members Margaret Johnson is church secretary so we always help her with the garden there. On Thursday we all met there and started to work on the gardens.
Frances & I started to work on the bed at the front of the building which is in front of a newly trimmed hedge.
By the time we had finished it the flowers in the bed looked tidied up.
The others worked on all the other beds at the church, so that after our coffee break some of  us then went to the car park bed on Church Street and worked there on that bed. We left several bags of rubbish waiting to be collected by our litter people.
Working on Church Street flower beds, cutting down the hedge and digging out the weeds.

So that's it for another week-well not quite. Next week I have arranged for Red Hall-that's the headquarters of the Parks department at Leeds CC to supply compost & plants & plant up an octagonal Amberol planter that is at Gillett Bridge, but first the planter has to be emptied of the old compost then the reservoir filled with water ready for the new plants. So on Saturday afternoon I went to Gillett Bridge complete with wheel barrow filled with things necessary to to this job.
So in the wheel barrow there is a large plastic bin to carry water, a smaller one to fill it from the stream, pair of wellingtons for the stream, a cutting instrument to slash the nettles, a fork to dig out the old compost & watering can & funnel to fill the reservoir in the planter. 
So with the little bin & gloves I started to empty the old compost into the barrow to dump it on a flower bed adjacent to the bridge.
Soon the bin was empty, and the mechanism to visible that keeps the compost moist in the planter. You can see a hole containing a strip of material, that soaks up the water and keeps a membrane wet, that has the compost on top of it containing our plants.
So soon the planter was empty, so I went to the stream, filled up the yellow bin with water, wheeled it to the planter & filled the reservoir with water using watering can & funnel in the hole in the side of the planter as seen above. Then I did the same with the  other two planters on the opposite side of the road. So another job done.

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