Thursday, 22 September 2016

Week ending 25 September tidying Rothwell Methodist Church Garden & Bed at top of steps

Today, Thursday 22 September only 3 of us worked on two gardens in Rothwell-the Methodist Church Garden & the Bed at the top of the steps in Marsh Street Car Park. Mick, our friendly gardener had provided us with some fuschias, violets, and cowslips, whilst from out of our garden we had some Crocosmia.
So here we were with plants ready to work in the Rothwell Methodist Church Garden.
Rosalind, who wasn't present today had given Margaret some flowers, some pulmonaria & chrysanthemum plants.

So we started to clear the front bed & the small garden beds, adding plants from the collection above.
First the two centre beds with violets & chrysanthemums

 Then some Crocosmia, Fuschia &  Pulmonaria in the front bed.

I went to Marsh Street Car Park, to the bed at the top of the steps

 which was looking a bit weedy.
So I dug over this part of the garden, pulled out all the weeds & planted some Croscosmia & Fuschia plants.
Later on this year we plan to plant this flower bed with loads of bulbs, so I dug it over and cleared the weeds ready for this next bit of work.
I also rang Sarah Jane at RHS in Harlow Carr about our team work with Jas at Rothwell Hub or as we know it the library garden. Also this week, the garden we worked on last year in Manor Road, Rothwell is being taken over by the Residents association for that estate.  When we had finished work at the Methodist Church, there were some plants left over so I planted them in Church St garden beds.

So another good day's morning work. 

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