Thursday, 1 September 2016

Week ending Sunday 4 September: Tidying up flower & shrub beds in Marsh Street Car Park

Thursday morning our group met in the car park off Marsh Street, unloaded our cars of plants, & started to prepare the ground for planting them. Rosalind & Frances had  been to Otlley Market & bought some plants from a supplier there.
 Cyclamen, Japanese Anemone, Chrysanthemum, Ivy, and many succulents.

Then we all started work, weeding what we call Jo's bed, because it was originally planned by Jo McDougall, who sadly moved away from Rothwell.
The idea, as well as tidying & planting up Jo's bed, we wanted to plant up the rockeries in both Jo's bed & in the bed closest to Commercial Street. This was the state of that rockery in that smaller bed before we planted it up.

The rockery in Jo's Bed also needed tidying up too.
It wasn't long before the beds had  been tidied and planted up with new plants.
Jo's bed

Rockery at the smaller  bed near Commercial Street.

Jo's bed with new plants.

Everywhere looked so much better, next week we are at Margaret's Garden.

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