Thursday, 6 October 2016

Week ending October 9 2016: Emptying our planters of summer bedding readying them for Autumn Bedding

This morning we have been emptying our planters of summer bedding plants, to get them ready for new plants to be  planted that will come out in Spring 2017.
We started at Royds Court, with the Petal Planters which were full of colourful blooms-begonias, in some ways quite a shame to remove them, but with the bedding pants arriving soon we have to take them out & freshen up the compost.
So off we went, removing the flowers, so that in the end the planters looked like this.
Whilst a few of us were working on these planters, Mollie was working on the planter outside Manning Stainton, estate agent & removed the flowers from that planter.
Then she went onto the new planter outside the conifer garden, whilst Betty emptied the plants from the planter near Royds Court.
Soon we had a pile of filled litter bags around a lamp post near the conifer garden ready for collection from our litter people.
Then we all met up at Margaret's Garden, and after our coffee break started to remove the summer bedding plants from the brick circular bed, whilst Margaret & Betty cleared them from the Traffic Light planter.

Then it was to Gillett Bridge, where Mollie & I removed the plants from those planters.

Again we had a pile of rubbish bags at Gillett Bridge & near Blackburn Hall from the planters near there.

Meanwhile Frances had returned to Marsh Street, & cleared the summer plants from the planters outside Marsh Street Surgery & the Dental practice on Royds Lane.

So that's it for another week, now we need some more rubbish bags, so lets hope our litter collector friends can help us. Next week we are at the library.

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