Thursday, 27 October 2016

Week Ending Sunday 30 October 2016: Planting out Autumn Bedding

Today, Thursday 27 October, we started to plant our winter bedding plants in the planters. Molly & Frances collected some Polyanthus plants and brought them to Royds Court where we started to plant out the Petal Planters first of all.
So here were the planters before they were planted.

Soon a car full of plants arrived and were unloaded onto the grass of Royds Court.
5 boxes of plants were planted in each petal,  that is 20 plants with extras added.
Soon all the petals were planted up, and us volunteers set about planting up the other planters in the vicinity.
These included the planter outside Manning Stainton Estate Agents on Marsh Street
Then the planters outside Serendipity Fashions, Outside Royds Court near Clayton Street & below the Conifer Garden.

So that was the work for this week, next week we will plant up the remaining planters. Meanwhile Mollie will be ordering our 1/2 Amberol planters for next year-we are not putting them up on Blackburn Hall in 2017, just on the front only.

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