Sunday, 5 March 2017

Week Ending Sunday 5 March 2017

On Thursday morning at 0930 we all met at Margaret's Garden, on the corner of Marsh Street & Gillett Lane. Our task today was to weed all the flower beds, plant some plants we had been given and tidy up all the gardens nearby.
As you can see the weather was rather cool, and not that bright, but we soon got down to work with Betty weeding the front of the garden sitting close to our newly cleaned block paving.
The flowers at the front of the this large flower bed face onto the road, with some of them flowering already, so spring is here.
I planted some cowslips given to us by our friend Mick who has a greenhouse.
The rest of the group worked on the wooden planters, weeding them and removing some of the rabbits ears I think they are called. 
After a good morning's work we stopped for a coffee break and had a chat about our future gardening days and the problems we are having getting the trees at Back Gillett Lane trimmed because they are in a conservation area so planning permission has to be sought-how odd!

Today is Saturday, so doing my blog for Rothwell in Bloom because i received this E-mail from Mary Fleet who writes our column in "Rothwell Record". This is her article which she has sent to me to check it over before going to the magazine.

Rothwell in Bloom
Rothwell in Bloom’s blogger, John Readman, records the work done each week by the group and this can be found on  There are some excellent photographs showing work in progress with details of future plans.  Recently Gary and his team from NDF Driveways have made an excellent job of power washing block paving at Margaret’s Garden, next to the Blackburn Hall, the Marsh Street end of Clayton Street and the area opposite the Library. Thanks to them and to Ragamuffins, Dentons and Alevere who all kindly contributed towards the cost.  Next on the programme is a major tidy-up at Back Gillett Lane and the conifer garden at the junction of Commercial Street and Marsh Street.  Both these areas were planted some years ago and the trees and undergrowth now need cutting back so that they can breathe and thrive and the accumulated litter removed.  As this part of Rothwell is a conservation area planning permission has to be requested.  
Because of the chilsome weather during winter the team were forced to spend two or three mornings in the Pavilion Cafe in Springhead Park making plans over the excellent coffee but now Spring has sprung the weekly working parties start in earnest once more. Work begins at 9.30 for two hours but with a coffee break.  New volunteers will be made very welcome.  

So I thought I'd better go out into Rothwell and take some photographs of our gardens that we have worked on this year and the planters showing the plants we planted in them in the autumn 2016.

On 3 November 2016, we planted these plants in the Traffic Light Planter on Marsh Street at its junction with Oulton Lane & Gillett Lane.
This was the planted up planter then

So by March 2017, the planter now looks this

On the 27 October, 2016, we planted the same sort of plants in the Petal Planters at Royds Court, Rothwell. That day we collected all the plants from Molly Boyes house where they had been delivered by Red Hall-Leeds City parks department
Then we met at the dug over the petal planters-we had prepared them the previous week
Then we set to work to plant the planters with polyanthus. Here we are working on the two planters
Soon the plants were planted and ready for winter.

Now in March, they have grown into these

On 27 October 2016 we also planted up planters outside Serendipity Fashions on Marsh Street corner with Commercial Street.
On 4 March this planter looks like this
On the same date in October we planted the same sort of plants in the planter outside Manning Stainton Estate Agents on Marsh Street.

On 4 March the planter looks like this
The planter and paving outside Ragamuffins and Dentons which as you know we have had cleaned is looking good now along with the shrub that was pruned in February.

The library garden which we planted up with snowdrops in the last blog are still flowering well along with spring bulbs that were planted on several occasions.

The entrance beds at Marsh Street Car Park which we cleared a couple of weeks ago are now flowering beautifully which makes a welcome to all motorists who come to park in the car park at visit Rothwell.

Sorry, sun behind the photographer who is trying to hide behind a lamp post!

At Margaret's garden the wooden planters are flowering well, along with the polyanthus in the circular bed and flowers in the main bed too.

Our garden along Marsh Street outside the old Rothwell centre is also flourishing as well as the parks department planted planters outside the old Town Hall of Rothwell, now closed.

 That photographer again standing with the sun behind him-strong stuff! The sun I mean.
So there we are then, Rothwell in Bloom in March 2017 already to go for another year. 

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