Thursday, 25 May 2017

May 25 2017 Spring Bedding Removal

Last week we weren't with the in bloom group, but 4 of them started to work clearing the spring bedding plants from the planters to get them ready for our summer bedding planting which will start next week 1 June.
So today, Thursday 25 May, which was a warm sunny one, we continued to remove the spring bedding starting with Royds Court Petal Planters.But before that I went to Back Gillett Lane, where the trees there have been pruned this week, leaving a whole lot of rubbish visible under the trees. This is that rubbish-

Even a now waiting sign!

In fact before these trees were planted in this area several years ago it was very much a dumping area for local rubbish as this photo shows
But now the pruned trees make so much difference to this area
So this morning there I was down at Back Gillett Lane Garden with lots of litter bags to clear the rubbish away and tidy the area up.
So when I had finished the no waiting sign was removed to be with some others and the area under the trees looked so much better.
So then I went to join the others who were working at Royds Court removing the spring bedding plants.
Soon it was done and the empty cleared petal planters were already for the summer planting next week.
Then we went to the other planters and removed the spring bedding, then up to the library for a break. After our break, we went to the planters again and added some chicken manure pelletts and some more compost as well.
This is the planter outside Marsh Street Surgery, then compost & pelletts were added to the planter outside the conifer garden & Royds Court and Serendipity planter.
Chicken manure was added to the brick circular bed at Margaret's Garden and at Gillett Bridge.

This year the Traffic Light Planter is going to be changed, so this early summer we haven't cleared the planter yet.
You can see why we call it the traffic light planter because the traffic lights are close by it.
Also this week the grass was cut at Margaret's garden using our lawn mower.
So next week it will be summer planting time again.

The Conifer Garden on the corner of Marsh Street & Commercial Street has also been pruned and tidied up, cutting off the tops so they no longer interfere with any cables. Unfortunately by removing the undercover, loads of rubbish has been revealed. So this is the garden right now.

But this is the rubbish beneath them.
So this morning, that is Friday after our working day yesterday I went to the conifer garden complete with rubbish bags and bins and set to work to clear the conifer garden of cans, bottles, plastic bags complete with dog dirt, cigarette packet wrappings etc, etc. Four rubbish bags were filled with this litter and the area left a lot clearer.

Still the sun shines and it is quite warm. 

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