Friday, 23 June 2017

Goodbye to the Traffic Light Planter & Hullo to some new plants in Margaret's Garden

On Thursday 22 June we all met at Margaret's Garden, a mini-park at the junction of Oulton Lane, Marsh Street & Gillett Lane. There had  been some damage to some  of the summer planting plants that were planted in the Brick Circular bed on 1st June. About 7 plants had been removed,. and thrown onto the ground and with all the dry hot weather we have been having recently they had almost withered away. They had been put back into the brick circular bed but their survival was unlikely so we decided to remove them and then replace them with new plants. A couple of Penstemons had also died, so they have been replaced also.
Wallflowers & Penstemon plants planted into the Circular bed
A Penstemon nearest the stone has just been planted.
We also worked on the wooden planters, where some of the plants had become quite overgrown. So the excess plants were removed, water & chicken manure pellets added and the the beds dug over.

Then various plants were added to the newly fertilized soil-various types of Nemesia flowers, all bright colours and powerful scented plants.

Peter Jones worked on the grass verge, tidying it up.

The end of the traffic light planter.We walked across the road to next to the traffic lights where for a long time now we have had a large wooden planter complete with a sign board at the front of it. 

This year in the summer we had planned not to add summer bedding plants as we  usually do but a rockery instead. However on examining the planter we found that the sign at the front had fallen away as it was rotten behind it. Whilst the crew were standing by the planter one of the end parts fell away from the planter-the wood was rotten. So we have decided to get rid of the planter-the first thing to do was to take off the plastic sign board and on Monday we are going to cut it up and remove it altogether.

So another good week's work

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