Thursday, 13 July 2017

Week Ending Sunday 16 July Building rockeries & New Herb Garden at Joseph Priestley Garden

On Friday morning Frances & I went to to Rothwell Garden Centre and ordered some materials for the new rockery gardens and Herb Garden. We ordered 8 bags of compost, 6 bags of Gravel, 3 bags of grit, all to be delivered on Thursday morning at 0930. On  Wednesday morning, 12 July I went to Margaret's Garden and mowed both the lawns there,
Here is the mower on the grass of Margaret's Garden with the grass cuttings in a plastic litter bag.
Here's the motor mower on the grass adjacent to Blackburn Hall, with litter bag full of grass cuttings, edging shears for the edges around the wooden planters & trees & garden gloves as well.
After cutting the grass I went to the Joseph Priestley gardens to count the number of rocks available to use to make the rockeries in Manse Surgery Garden.
We are making one rockery here 
And one  here too, using these larger rocks on the rockery bed above.
This where the Herb Garden is going to be put, the rocks will be used to make the rockeries on the Surgery Bed above. So all set for tomorrow morning at 0930.
So at 9am Frances & I went to the Joseph Priestley Garden and stacked the tools ready to start work.
Then at 0930 Malcolm arrived from Rothwell Garden Centre with our materials to make our gardens. Then the rest of the group arrived, and work started. For the rockery garden, the slate chippings had to be raked away, shaken through a griddle, to get all the soil out of them and then the slate was dumped on the larger bed. Then Gary & I put a few bags of pea gravel on the site of the larger  rockery bed, then added some rocks from the smaller bed, and then compost and some Alpine grit.
Meanwhile the rest of the group worked on the smaller bed and herb garden, taking away the slate chippings and putting them on the largest bed.

On the larger rockery bed, more rocks were placed on top of the grit and first layer of rocks, then compost to the height of these rocks and then alpine grit again.

Soon another layer of rocks were added and more compost and grit.
Then the smaller rockery bed was prepared, with slate chippings being removed, soil smoothed down and pea gravel added.
Then the process was started again with rocks being added being taken from the herb garden site and the larger bed.

Soon both rockery gardens were built and the phlox plants that had been in the bed moved closer to the surgery door. 
 So now we need to added some rockery plants, and some pea gravel again and some more grit.
The herb garden was built as well using the new bags of compost. Now all we need do now is to buy some herb plants and plant them. I did speak to the chef at "Dill & Bay" restaurant and he asked if he could bring some herbs from his garden at home and plant them in the herb garden-of course he can.

This the position of the herb garden in relation to the restaurant in Rothwell called "Dill & Bay"
So the three new gardens have been made today and how good they look. So now we can add some plants.

This afternoon, Friday, I purchased 4 bags of pea gravel from Rothwell Garden centre & 1 bag of Alpine Grit and added the pea gravel onto the compost base between the two rockery gardens.

Then added some Alpine Grit to the 2 rockery gardens.
On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Herb Garden where some plants had been left in the ground
The plants next to the lavender would look out of place in a herb garden, so taking my spade I dug them out

and took them home to soak them, then divide them and re-plant them on Thursday of next week in our other gardens in Rothwell. That will leave just the lavender plant that we will leave in the herb garden but reduce it in size. So that I think is our work for this week. On Next Thursday we will work in the library garden. 

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