Thursday, 20 July 2017

Week Ending Sunday 23 July Completion of Joseph Priestley, Working at the Library Garden and trimming Bushes at Church St Car Park

On Saturday evening last week I  at home when I saw  Sasco, also known as Paul who's mother lives near me. He owns a petrol driven hedge cutter, so I asked him if he would be willing to use his time & hedge cutter to trim the shrubs and bushes at Church Street Car Park. Yes he said, so on Tuesday evening about 6-10pm he joined me a Church Street Car Park. Before he arrived I took some photos of the shrubs and bushes in the border beds at the front of the car park.

The shrubs certainly need a trim, so Paul soon got started cutting them whilst I cleared away the brushwood.
Both sides of the car park beds were cut-there is a private house with its car park next to the church Street Car Park, and Paul trimmed these shrubs as well making the owner of the house much easier to exit his car park

The main  car park now was easier to exit as well.
The edge of the car park where the cars park is much neater now as well.
On Thursday morning everyone but I went to the Joseph Priestley Garden on Marsh Street and started to plant some flowers into the rockery garden and herbs into the Herb Garden. Before Frances left I took 2 photos of the flowers in the back of the car.

Penstemon galore and phlox as well
I joined them later at the rockery garden
They had started to plant loads of alpine phlox in the rockery gardens
And also the penstemon and large size phlox as well

Some of the others were planting herbs into the herb garden.

I think they planted many of them in their pots particularly the mint plants as they have a tendency to spread everywhere.

I went forward to the library garden where my task was to remove the broom plant and prepare the ground for planting some new flowers. The broom dominated the library garden bed.
After I had taken it out I added some compost.
Then I spent the remainder of the time weeding the garden, removing flower heads and generally tidying up the garden.
Then I returned to the rockery garden to see how the others had got on.

So lots of colour now-the Manse surgery were so pleased that they gave our volunteers tea and coffee!

The phlox plants in the two rockery gardens are of several different colours so we are looking forward to seeing them flower. Next week we are returning to this garden to add some more grit & gravel and more work at the library garden, adding some new flowers there as well. So another week of work completed.

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