Thursday, 14 September 2017

Consideration about our plans to replace the Petal Planters at Royds Court plus working at Church Street.

We have two Petal Planters as they are known at Royds Court at the front of the building looking onto Marsh Street. They were bought from the Amberol Company some time ago and we plant them with flowers for both Spring & Summer bedding.

Each petal requires watering-we used to use a hosepipe that was fitted inside the building but since it was removed we have had to resort to watering the plants ourselves which takes a huge amount of effort. In fact this year we asked the Park department to help us which they have done but we still have to pay for this service. So earlier in the year we have considered replacing them. Last week we decided on a plan to do this-Mary has asked a gardening company that tidied up our trees at the conifer garden and Back Gillett Lane to meet us at Royds Court on Monday 18th to consider some ideas. On Thursday we are meeting the housing department officer for Royds Court to seek permission to replace the planters as it is on their property. Some of us have thought about half-moon shaped planters, raised but of course these will require watering. Park Department in Spring-head Park recently build a circular garden bed with rocks & grasses & shrubs.

These wouldn't need watering and not a great deal of maintenance either, but they would mean that people working on them would need to bend over to do so. Other considerations might be just take out the planters and cover the area with grass. We worked at Church Street and tidied up the gardens there and swept up all the litter and leaves.

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