Thursday, 28 September 2017

Week Ending Sunday October 2 Marsh Street Car Park Prickly Beds & Entrance

On Thursday morning we met again in Marsh Street Car Park where today we were working on what we call the Prickly Beds. These are 2 gardens covered with Firethorn plants and Berberis complete with some lovely berries.  Margaret & Peter worked on the Lavender garden outside the former public toilets now closed. The rest of us worked on the smaller of the prickly garden, digging it over, weeding it and cutting back the shrubs.

When Peter & Margaret finished the Lavender Beds looked so much tidier

Some of us then worked on the larger of the two beds, again weeding it & trimming back the plants. I & Frances & I had brought down some bulbs that had been taken out of the planters and were now ready for re-planting.
I dug out an area between some shrubs, added some bulbs then added some compost on top of them.
The same idea was done to some corners of the larger bed, adding bulbs and compost on top.

When you compare these gardens with what they were like in February 2010,  before Rothwell in Bloom took them in hand and changed them from garden beds covered with membrane and wood chippings to these lovely garden beds with these prickly but beautiful flowering shrubs.

The prickly garden beds and Jo's bed are really flowering well, with some beautiful colours which looked so good in the warm September sunshine.

 After our coffee break we went over to the entrance beds and worked on them as well.

The edges had been weeded well, the Japanese Anemones were flowering well amongst the trees.

Next week the group are meeting at the library to work on that garden but will I am sure remove these dead trees from one of the entrance beds at the car park.

In the afternoon, taking advantage of the warm sunshine, I went to Margaret's Garden and mowed the lawns.

So that's it for another week.

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