Friday, 3 November 2017

Week Ending Sunday 29 October 2017 Completion of planting of Spring Bedding, grass cutting & planting wall flowers.

On Thursday morning I went to Marsh Street Car Park, to the bed at the top of the steps where we have a garden of many mixed flowers. My job today with Peter Jones is to clear an area near a sign and plant some tall flowers. So I set to work to cut back some shrubs, nettles & brambles-just before I started a little brown furry animal ran through a shrubbery. Then with Peter Jones we both started working, clearing away loads of litter in 3 large litter bags.

Then we planted some wallflowers in this garden

Then we went for a coffee break at Margaret's Garden at 10-30, and afterwards, whilst I set to work to cut the grass at Margaret's Garden, the others continued to plant up the gardens in Marsh Street Car Park with wallflowers.
Eventually the grass was cut again before the rain started to fall.

Wall flowers had been planted in Margaret's Garden and Polyanthus in the planters at Gillett Bridge.

That was it for another day.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Week Ending Sunday 24 October 2017 Planting spring bedding

On Monday morning Frances I and I took some of our spare compost left over from planting potatoes & bulbs down to Gillett Bridge
 and placed the compost into the planters there.
Then I went back home and collected some more compost and placed it next to the planter on the other side of the road.
Then having placed it in the planter the soil looked to have improved.
On Thursday morning we will be planting our Spring 2018 plants.
On Tuesday morning I cut the grass at Margaret's garden and adjacent to Blackburn Hall.
On Thursday morning 19 October together with Frances I went to collect some plants from the garden of Molly Boyes where our plants purchased from Leeds City Council Parks department had been delivered. Her back garden was full of plants waiting to be be planted in our numerous planters.

The first planter to be planted was the Petal Planters at Royds Court-these were they in Molly's garden.
Using the wheel barrow we took the plants out to our cars and then brought them to Royds Court where they were planted.
 Here we all are at work planting the polyanthus plants in the petal planters

This was the distribution list of the plants so 22 plants in each petal & 20 plants in the bottom tier
This meant that with 6 petals in each planter we had to plant 284 plants plus 20 plants in each of the planters and with 2 planters that made 304 plants and 608 plants altogether so a lot of hard work to do.
Soon we had finished this task and both planters were full of plants.
Whilst we planting up the petal planters Mary planted up the planter outside Manning Stainton estate agents on Marsh St.
Then we set to work to plant up the planter on the corner of Clayton Street with Marsh Street outside Royd's Court.

Then we went for a break at the library where we planned our next couple of months working sessions.

19 October
Spring Bedding Plants
16 November
Marsh Street Car Park-Working Men’s Club side
 26 October
  Spring Bedding Plants, at Margaret’s Garden, Gillett Bridge & Wallflowers in Bed at top of steps
23 November
 Marsh Street Car Park, all the other beds
 2 November
Library Garden
 30 November
Chat at the café in Springhead Park
9 November
Rothwell Methodist Church

 After our break it was back down Marsh Street to the planters near the conifer garden and outside Serendipity Fashions.

So all done now for this week. Next week we will complete all the rest of the planting. As we finished planting the rain started to fall and continued for the rest of the day so all the plants have had a good soaking-great!

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Week Ending Sunday 15 October Grass Cutting as usual & removal of Summer Bedding Plants

Having been away for a week's break in Wales, on Monday morning I went down into Rothwell collected the lawn mower and set about mowing our lawns. The grass adjacent to Blackburn Hall was covered in leaves

 so instead of filling one bag of grass cuttings I filled three bags.
Certainly when i had finished mowing this lawn how much better the grass looked.
So then I moved the mower onto the lawn on Margaret's Garden and mowed that lawn too.
So by the time I had finished there 5 bags of cuttings.
The two lawns looked so much better after the mowing.
On Thursday morning we set about removing the summer bedding plants from the planters-the first ones were at Gillett Bridge-here are the empty ones now.

Then to Margaret's Garden and removed the bedding there leaving the shrubs in place.
We all split up and set about removing plants from the planters on Marsh Street-so outside Barrington & Blake estate agents on Commercial Street.
Then one close to the conifer garden
One near Clayton Street close to Royds Court Gardens
Also outside Manning Stainton & Ragamuffins.

We all went to the library then for a break, and returned to work, removing the summer bedding from the Petal Planters outside Royds Court. This was very heavy work-the soil was very claggy. We are re-planting these planters next week, but this will be the last time we use these petal planters as we are replacing them next year.

Next Thursday we are planting winter/spring bedding plants in all these planters. Before then they will need topping up with compost.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Week Ending Sunday October 2 Marsh Street Car Park Prickly Beds & Entrance

On Thursday morning we met again in Marsh Street Car Park where today we were working on what we call the Prickly Beds. These are 2 gardens covered with Firethorn plants and Berberis complete with some lovely berries.  Margaret & Peter worked on the Lavender garden outside the former public toilets now closed. The rest of us worked on the smaller of the prickly garden, digging it over, weeding it and cutting back the shrubs.

When Peter & Margaret finished the Lavender Beds looked so much tidier

Some of us then worked on the larger of the two beds, again weeding it & trimming back the plants. I & Frances & I had brought down some bulbs that had been taken out of the planters and were now ready for re-planting.
I dug out an area between some shrubs, added some bulbs then added some compost on top of them.
The same idea was done to some corners of the larger bed, adding bulbs and compost on top.

When you compare these gardens with what they were like in February 2010,  before Rothwell in Bloom took them in hand and changed them from garden beds covered with membrane and wood chippings to these lovely garden beds with these prickly but beautiful flowering shrubs.

The prickly garden beds and Jo's bed are really flowering well, with some beautiful colours which looked so good in the warm September sunshine.

 After our coffee break we went over to the entrance beds and worked on them as well.

The edges had been weeded well, the Japanese Anemones were flowering well amongst the trees.

Next week the group are meeting at the library to work on that garden but will I am sure remove these dead trees from one of the entrance beds at the car park.

In the afternoon, taking advantage of the warm sunshine, I went to Margaret's Garden and mowed the lawns.

So that's it for another week.